Spéciale Tarbouriech® oyster


The Thau lagoon oysters are cultivated by a traditional method : the “glueing”.

They are glued one by one on ropes hung from poles under the breeding structures. So usually oysters are constantly grown into the water yet with no benefit of the sun exposure.EF_Conchyliculture_144

This is why Florent Tarbouriech has developed an innovating solution aimed at reproducing the tide effects by an automatic remote control system using either a computer or a smartphone. This autonomous system is powered by renewable energies : solar and wind power.

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Asa result of the increased tide rhythm, oysters’s qualities are enhanced : the pinky shell and its iridescent mother-of-pearl inside look exceptional, and so is the taste. The crunchy muscle and the soft flesh are the ideal match as they give our oysters the perfectly balanced sweet-iodized inimitable flavor.

The Seven® oyster

Raised as its big sister the Spéciale Tarbouriech® by the same method, an additional step in the Seven® growing process is to suspend oysters in the tumbling waves over several months, what makes their shells smooth and polished. Seven little oysters are packed together in a vertical box with the perfect tools to open oysters : a dishtowel and an oyster knife.

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